As we approach the end of 2017, institutional investors are looking for unique strategies to help manage their portfolios in what is a very slowly-rising interest rate environment.

On the fixed income front, private credit is still the hottest ticket in town, with more asset managers coming into the space and investors continually pursuing new avenues for allocating to the asset class. Even if rates do increase rapidly, there is an unwavering dedication to this growing segment of the fixed income market.

And speaking of fixed income, tight yields have pushed investors into emerging markets, where a strong dollar has afforded them some favorable bond opportunities. Higher yields in sovereign and corporate fixed income have been met with voracious investor appetite, as have equities, whose developed market counterparts are considered greatly overvalued.

FinTech continues to make its mark in the institutional space, as more investors and asset managers are relying on new technologies to aid them in front, middle and back office management. The internet of things and regulations are paving the way for the financial organizations to embrace technology as part of their arsenal in their pursuit of higher returns and lower costs.

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