According to research undertaken for the upcoming Insurance Asset Management Summit to be held in London on November 16th; regulation, and more regulation, is the key concern for the majority of senior professionals. Solvency II, Capital Charges and the looming MIFID II directive are major priorities in the coming months.

It would not be 2017, without a mention of Trump or Brexit; and these two events in the past year are also among the major concern for insurance asset managers, along with:

  1. What is the outlook post-Brexit and the US Elections for the European and global economy and what are the implications for insurers?
  2. What is evolving in approaches to asset-liability management: capital optimisation, investment diversification, technology and data
  3. Managing assets globally and what is the best way?
  4. Manager selection, what does everyone else think?
  5. Investment management and operational change
  6. Geo-political risk, currency movement and interest rate normalisation

So, political uncertainty and related market volatility and addressing yield challenges are main challenges mentioned by those interviewed. Also, resourcing because of Solvency II was seen as a driver in the coming months.

Overriding these challenges and drivers is the desire to gain the best opportunities in the market and is the ongoing challenge especially as illiquid assets gain popularity.

But what do you think?

To find out more about the Insurance Asset Management Summit and to get involved, take a look at the agenda.

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Maire McGuire, Content Producer, Clear Path Analysis

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