The attention paid to, and importance placed on, environmental, social, and governance based factors in institutional asset owners portfolios, has grown an unstoppable rate in recent years. Growing numbers of institutional investors are intently looking at effective ways to increase asset allocations and develop robust risk management procedures, with ESG considerations at their very centre. Pushed by stakeholder pressures and regulatory scrutiny, pension and insurance investment leaders are grappling with effective ways to satisfy reporting requirements whilst meeting mandated set return targets.

The fourth annual Environmental, Social & Governance Investing, Europe 2022 report brings together the views of senior investment offices from European based pension funds, insurers, endowment, and foundation funds, to share their insights and drive forward practical approaches to ESG integration within investment portfolios.

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OPENING ADDRESS: The benefits of impact and ESG investing from an asset owner/asset manager perspective

  • Gilles Moec, Group Chief Economist, AXA

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: What value can companies gain from ESG and impact investing?

  • Gilles Moec, Group Chief Economist, AXA
  • Maria Nazarova-Doyle, Head of Pension Investments & Responsible Investments, Scottish Widows
  • Corrado Pistarino, Chief Investment Officer, Foresters Friendly Society
  • Moderated by: Andrew Putwain, Managing Editor, Clear Path Analysis

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Establishing a shared truth: Finding a commonality in ESG data reporting

  • Clare Jenkinson, Head of Sustainability, Foresters
  • Patricia Sharman, Trustee, KAS Bank UK Pension Scheme
  • Kroum Sourov, Lead ESG Analyst, ESG Sovereign Research, Candriam
  • Moderated by: Simba Mamboininga, Managing Partner, Devlin Mambo

  • WHITE PAPER: Investing for social good: Bridging the land between private, public and philanthropic finance

  • Sally Bridgeland, Chair and Non-executive Director, Local Pensions Partnership Investments

  • WHITE PAPER: Taking action against aggressors

  • Union Investment

  • INTERVIEW: How companies can approach the transition to net zero

  • Paul Jackson, Global Head of Asset Allocation Research, Invesco
  • Maya Sibul, Reporter and Content Producer, Clear Path Analysis
  • Gilles Moec

    Group Chief Economist, AXA

    Maria Nazarova-Doyle

    Head of Pension Investments & Responsible Investments, Scottish Widows

    Corrado Pistarino

    Chief Investment Officer, Foresters Friendly Society

    Clare Jenkinson

    Head of Sustainability, Foresters

    Patricia Sharman

    Trustee, KAS Bank UK Pension Scheme

    Kroum Sourov

    Lead ESG Analyst, ESG Sovereign Research, Candriam

    Simba Mamboininga

    Managing Partner, Devlin Mambo

    Sally Bridgeland

    Chair and Non-executive Director, Various

    Benoit Ribaud

    ESG Investor Relations Manager, TotalEnergies

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