Due to the introduction of a vast array of new regulations and growth in client demands for reporting and transparency, fund and asset managers are seeking ever more from their administrative and custodial partners. With a requirement to not just keep up, but excel to win new business, fund administrators and custodians are launching new products and services to keep up with end user demands, whilst continuing to provide cost effective outsourcing services.

The Fund Outsourcing & Administrator Operations, Europe report will bring together chief executives, operations, investment and risk officers, along with specialist heads of third-party management, to examine the evolution of outsourcing arrangements due to market environment, the changing perspective views of outsourcing versus in-housing and how fund managers can deploy an offshore outsourcing strategy for global expansion.

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• Ed Creswell, Business Development Manager, Milestone Group



1.1 INTERVIEW: The European Commission’s view on the impact of MiFID II


• Margie Lindsay, Editor, Alpha Journal


• Maria-Teresa Fabregas-Fernandez, Head of Unit G3 – Securities Markets, DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission

1.2 ROUNDTABLE: With the ongoing regulatory regime and reporting requirements, can providers keep up with end user demand


• Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


• Keith Waudby, Head of Operations, Hermes Fund Managers

• Lynne Hill, Consultant, Regulatory Change, Hermes Fund Managers

• Susan Wright, Regulatory & Compliance Specialist, The Investment Association

1.3 INTERVIEW: Examining the business implications of MiFID I


• Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


• Florence Fontan, Head of Client segment - Asset Managers, BNP Paribas Securities Services



2.1 ROUNDTABLE: In-housing vs outsourcing: should companies look to reclaim some of their outsourced activities?


• Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


• Peter Clarke, Head of Adviser Delivery, Verbatim Asset Management• Ulrik Modigh, Head of Asset Management Operation, Nordea



3.1 ROUNDTABLE: Deploying an offshore outsourcing strategy for global expansion


• Margie Lindsay, Editor, Alpha Journal


• Denise Thomas, Head of Investment Operations, Standard Life Investments

• Stephen Lowe, Head of Middle Office and Investment Operations, Royal London Asset Management

• Cora Kielblock, Head of Operations, Operational Oversight, Investec Asset Management

Maria Teresa Fabregas

Head of Unit G3 Securities Markets / DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission

Cora Kielblock

Head of Operations, Operational Oversight / Investec Asset Management

Peter Clarke

Head of Adviser Delivery / Verbatim

Keith Waudby

Head of Operations / Hermes Fund Managers

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Alpha Journal is a digital publication with a global focus on alternative investment funds targeted at a readership of institutional investors and asset managers. The editor, Margie Lindsay, created a reputation while executive editor of Hedge Funds Review for producing well¬-written, authoritative content, with access to the biggest names in the industry and an eye on exciting emerging managers.

AT Monitor - Management and monitoring of ATMs is something for which KAL software is well equipped. As providers of remotely operated ATM technology, KAL’s management and monitoring software solutions are designed to offer automated update services and remote diagnostics. KAL’s software solutions are hardware-independent, which allows them to run on various hardware platforms from different vendors. This is essential when large institutions merge and need to create a single, cohesive self-service network.