The prevailing low interest rate environment has pushed insurers to reach out from their safe haven of fixed income investing into the new areas of equities, property, infrastructure and other alternative assets. As a result, identifying appropriate assets to match insurers liability profiles and developing operational and risk systems to deal with a wider array of investment vehicles has moved to the forefront.

The fourth annual Insurance Asset Management, Europe, where those charged with investment activity within UK and European based insurers come together to examine the challenges of asset allocation and evolving investment operations in this era of greater investment choice and developments in operations.

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When and how rates will rise, and a historical comparison we can rely on


  • Confirmed: Margie Lindsay, Editor, Alpha Journal


  • Confirmed: Kurt Karl, Chief Economist, Managing Director, Swiss Re

Dealing with investment challenges in a changing market and regulatory environment


  • Confirmed: Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Confirmed: Robert G. Absey, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Insurance Business Development

Key global themes for insurers in 2016

  • Confirmed: Tim Antonelli, CFA Regulatory and Capital Strategist, Financial Reserves Group, Wellington Management

How can Small to Medium sized insurers cope with the prolonged investment challenges or is the trend towards consolidation inevitable


  • Confirmed: Hubert Danso, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman, Africa investor


  • Confirmed: Alex Veys, Chief Investment Officer, Partnership Life Assurance
  • Confirmed: Ian Coulman, Chief Investment Officer, Pool Reinsurance
  • Confirmed: Nathalie Berger, Head of Unit - Pensions and insurance, European Commission
  • Confirmed: Dr. Bruce Porteous, Investment Solutions Director, Standard Life Investments



Asset selection: matching your liabilities in an era of capital optimisation


  • Confirmed: Zoi Fletcher, Publisher, Clear Path Analysis


  • Confirmed: Dr. Bruce Porteous, Investment Solutions Director, Standard Life Investment

The case for higher-quality short-duration high yield

  • Confirmed: Michael L. Hong, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Wellington Management

Identifying assets that balance the need for liability matching, capital optimisation and yield balance


  • Confirmed: Zoi Fletcher, Publisher, Clear Path Analysis


  • Confirmed: Elaine Scerri, Group Compliance Officer, Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd
  • Confirmed: Atanas Christev, Head of Investment, Direct Line Group

Volatility controlled investments: Dynamic asset allocation optimised for insurance companies

  • Confirmed: René Schmidli, Chief Investment Officer, Generali
  • Confirmed: Dr. René Mooser, Quantitative Analyst Asset Management, General

Convertible bonds – a Solvency II silver bullet

  • Confirmed: Paul Forshaw, Head of Insurance Asset Management, Schroders Insurance Asset Management
  • Confirmed: David Thompson, Insurance Asset Management, Europe, Schroders Insurance Asset Management
  • Confirmed: Charles Matterson, Insurance Asset Management, UK, Schroders Insurance Asset Management

Creating a tactical asset allocation plan to respond to emerging market volatility, bank deleveraging and other short term ‘window’ opportunities


  • Confirmed: Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Confirmed: Anisha Gangwani, Head of Illiquid Investments, Direct Line Insurance PLC
  • Confirmed: John Sheridan, Chief Financial Officer, Greenval Insurance
  • Confirmed: Jakob Carlsson, Chief Financial Officer, Lansforsakringar Liv



Working with investment managers to meet the increased reporting requirements and the heightened demand for information from board members and executives

  • Confirmed: Andrew Epsom, Senior Insurance Consultant, Mercer
  • Confirmed: Ravi Rastogi, Head of European Insurance, Mercer

Meeting the challenge of developing a robust ‘look through’ practice for external asset managers and understanding the true collateral sitting behind the fund


  • Confirmed: Noel Hillmann, Managing Director, Clear Path Analysis


  • Confirmed: Maxime Gibault, Head of Client Segment Insurance Companies, BNP Paribas Securities Services
  • Confirmed: Valérie Nicaise, Head of Risk and Performance Solutions, BNP Paribas Securities Services

A dive into securities lending for insurance companies under Solvency II

  • Confirmed: Maxime Gibault, Head of Client Segment Insurance Companies, BNP Paribas Securities Services

Tony Wong

Head of Global Research, Invesco Fixed Income/Invesco Asset Management Limited

William J. Adams

CFA Chief Investment Officer – Global Fixed income, MFS

Paul Brain

Investment Leader, Fixed Income, Newton Asset Management

Matthew Byer

Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Spectrum Asset Managers, Principal Global Investors

Phillip Apel

Head of Fixed Income, Henderson Global Investors Limited

Christian Jochum

Managing Director, Head of Regional Investment Management – Europe, Zurich Insurance Customer

Schroders is the largest listed, independent asset manager in Europe, managing £313.5 billion* of assets. We have one of the largest global networks of any dedicated asset manager with 37 offices in 27 countries and more than 3,800 employees. We manage in excess of £47 billion* in insurance assets worldwide of which more than £30 billion* is for insurers regulated by Solvency II. Many of our mandates are bespoke outsource solutions where we provide innovation and technical expertise to solve the investment, risk, capital, ALM and regulatory challenges faced by clients seeking to improve the quality of their investment proposition within a fee budget.
*As at 31 December 2015

BNP Paribas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, is a leading global custodian and securities services provider backed by the strength of a universal bank. It provides integrated solutions for all participants in the investment cycle, from the buy-side and sell-side to corporates and issuers. Covering over 100 markets, with our own offices in 34 countries, the BNP Paribas network is one of the most extensive in the industry. We bring together local insight and a global network to enable clients to maximise their market and investment opportunities worldwide.Key figures as of 31 December 2015: USD 8,770 billion assets under custody, USD 2,074 billion assets under administration, 10,381 administered funds and 9,500 employees.

Standard Life Investments is a leading asset manager with an expanding global reach.Our wide range of investment solutions is backed by our distinctive Focus on Change investment philosophy, disciplined risk management and shared commitment to a culture of investment excellence.As active managers, we place significant emphasis on rigorous research and a strong collaborative ethos. We constantly think ahead and strive to anticipate change before it happens, ensuring that our clients can look to the future with confidence. Standard Life Investments manages £250.0 billion* on behalf of clients worldwide. Our investment capabilities span equities, bonds, real estate, private equity, multi-asset solutions, fund-of-funds and absolute return strategies. *assets under management as at 30/06/2015
AB manages $467bn (as of December 31, 2015) in assets across the globe for a diverse group of clients, including institutions and insurance companies. AB’s approach draws on its long history of managing portfolios for insurers, and the realisation that these investors have unique needs requiring individualised solutions and service requirements. Insurance clients gain access to the firm’s collective insights across asset classes, which are then filtered through an insurance-sensitive lens that considers their particular regulatory capital consumption and accounting requirements, as well as their specific needs and guidelines. The end result is a portfolio specially optimised to meet their investment objectives.

Wellington Management is an investment adviser to more than 2,100 institutions in over 50 countries. Our mission as a firm is simple: to exceed the investmentobjectives and service expectations of our clients around the world. With £629 billion in client assets under management*, we offer a broad range of equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset investment approaches. *as at 31 December 2015

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