Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) have attracted significant attention in the past decade but have also suffered poor performance.

With catastrophe losses for insurers still rising, this webinar is an opportunity for market participants – as well as those looking to see if the timing is right to enter the asset class – to learn more about ILS and its benefits and drawbacks.

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Tangency Capital Presentation

Insurance Linked Securities from an Asset Management Perspective: Why the Time is Right

Dominik Hagedorn, Co-Founder, Tangency Capital

Panel Discussion

Risk Mitigation with Insurance Linked Securities: 2023 Outlook for Institutional Investors

  • Given current macroeconomic conditions and continued market volatility, what is the status of the ILS market now? Where do debates around diversification stand, what are the exposures, and how will things be managed going forward?
  • In terms of capital efficiency, how does 2023 differ from 2022 for ILS when it comes to diversification and risk mitigation? What lessons have you learned from the past, and how can you apply these in the future?
  • Do you go all in (i.e. on Florida), or do you diversify? How do ever-shifting regulatory regimes factor into this decision?
  • How are climate change concerns impacting the viability of ILS now and in the future?
  • With premiums going up, which ILS model best mitigates risk and adds value for investors, and why

Interviewer: Maya Sibul, Reporter & Content Producer, Clear Path Analysis

Gordon Woo, Catastrophist, Risk Management Solutions

Sean Egan, Chief Executive Officer, Egan-Jones Ratings

Michael Jedraszak, CIO, Tangency Capital

Jitzes Noorman, Senior Delegated CIO & Investment Strategist, Columbia Threadneedle Investment EMEA APAC

Chantal Berendsen, Senior Analyst, Hedge Fund IDD, Albourne Partners


Catastrophist, Risk Management Solutions


Chief Executive Officer, Egan-Jones Ratings


CIO, Tangency Capital


Senior Delegated CIO & Investment Strategist, Columbia Threadneedle Investments EMEA APAC


Co-Founder of Tangency Capital


Senior Analyst, Hedge Fund IDD, Albourne Partners

Tangency Capital is an employee-owned alternative investment manager focused on the insurance sector. We aim to create value for our shareholders by co-investing in portfolios of re/insurance companies to generate uncorrelated investment returns.

From our perspective, the key benefits of our investment approach are proportional alignment with best-in-class portfolio companies, which provide non-recourse leverage, global diversification and capital efficiency.

Founded in 2017, the company has since grown to more than $600mm under management. Our team consists of 8 seasoned professionals with combined 120+ years of industry experience and diversified skill sets, including underwriting, actuarial, geoscientific research, investment banking and accounting.