The Asset Management Market Study - Operations Perspective Explored

The recent Asset Management Market Study largely consolidated what had been widely expected from their interim report: a focus on costs, disclosures, and clarity of communications to investors from operational departments of asset managers.

The findings cemented what both traditional and alternative fund managers were expecting, which was in the search for higher returns and innovation in operations, investors need to be fully engaged and costs justified.

Just 4 months following the release of the study, Nick Miller, Head of Investment Management Supervision at the Financial Conduct Authority will be providing a more detailed update on the regulators action plan, delving in at the Fund Management Operations Summit to some of the detail around forthcoming regulation that will affect both traditional and alternative fund management groups.

This exclusive insight will provide those charged with operational reform a chance to not just hear from but also quiz one of the FCA’s most senior regulatory officials on likely changes to existing rules, forward plans and actionable steps investment groups need to take to future-proof their operations.

Alongside Nick Miller’s featured presentation, we’ll be holding a panel debate including the views of Mike Tumility, Director of Operations at Standard Life Investments and Gem Pushpaharan, Global Head of Operations with Allianz Global Investors. Two of the industry’s most senior operational professionals, they will provide insight into the implicit challenges of consolidation in the investment management sector and the operational considerations in the drivee to embrace new and alternative investment areas.

Alongside them will be two leading alternative investment operations directors in the form of Ian Lloyd, Head of Operations with the hedge fund, TT International, and Richard Day, Chief Operating Officer of ML Capital. Offering up detailed explanations, Lloyd and Day will elaborate on steps they see hedge funds and other alternative investment managers take, to clarify operations for their clients and create efficiency improvements to manage the pressure on fees.

The Fund Management Operations summit is only 4 weeks away, get in touch with us to register – or call us on +44 (0) 207 688 8511 or head straight to our website to find out more

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